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DC Films Hub launched on November 12th, 2017, as an independent news outlet that covers the latest going on’s from Warner Bros. DC Films Universe.

We launched our new logo and version 2.0 of the site on November 26th, 2017. Since then we have managed to land some great exclusives accruing thousands of hits in the process.

Our aim is to be the premier site for all DC Film/TV news, informing our readers properly. We want to spread our passion for DC and be a “by the fans, for the fans” platform.

On March 12th, 2018, the site added two new contributors to help with coverage as the site expands.

On April 9th, 2018, the site started to cover news from Warner Bros DC TV shows.

We launched our weekly DC Films Hub podcast on July 10th, 2018.

In June 2018 we added another five contributors to the site.

DC Films Hubs Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Co-founded by Craig Lin (@CraigLin). Craig and longtime friend Benjamin Evertz created DC Films Hub as a place for DC fans to come and get the latest news from Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe. Craig deals with managing the site, from writing, editing to the backend stuff with the design along with the social media side.

Craig is a former editor/writer at Omega Underground. Having been the creator and editor-in-chief of now-defunct site Hero Rundown, Craig found his passion in reporting the daily news from Hollywoods latest films. Craig has also written for Movie Pilot. Now he will use his experience to bring you the most up to date news, reviews, and editorials.

Co-Founder, News Editor & Podcaster

Co-founded by Benjamin Evertz (@Mr_Evertz). Benjamin and longtime friend Craig Lin created DC Films Hub as a place for DC fans to come and get the latest news from Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe. Benjamin deals with the writing and social media side. He will soon be turning his focus to the DC Films Hubs YouTube channel.

Benjamin is a former writer at the now-defunct Hero Rundown site, that’s where he and Craig met. Benjamin loves writing editorials and is an avid fan of the social networking site Vero.

Columnist & Podcaster

John (@Ser_Jon_Arryn ) joined DC Films Hub in March of 2018 but has been a fan of DC since the early 90’s. So when he learned that a site was designed and specifically meant for DC fans to enjoy and discuss all of his favorite films, he took the opportunity to join as a columnist and writer.

Being able to express his thoughts and opinions on the wonderful things DC has done and will continue to do is a privilege he doesn’t take lightly. There will be no puff piece editorials on cats being saved out of trees.


Joining as a contributor and writer in March 2018, Noah Copeland (@NoahCopland4) is thrilled to be a member of the DC Films Hub team! Noah has loved the heroes of the DC Universe longer than he can remember, once even winning a spelling bee for knowing how to spell ‘league’ from watching the Justice League cartoon so often. Now, Noah seeks to supplement his interest in comic books and movie/television entertainment with journalism, something Noah hopes to explore as a student at the University of Michigan (’22).

Noah looks forward to delivering stories and engaging with other DC fans. He is grateful to have a chance to write about the heroes that have always provided him inspiration and hopes to remind readers just as he has been that you are always the hero of your own story.


Lorena Leon (@lorebuffay) joined as a contributor in June 2018. Lorena is a tourism student who also wants to grow in the writing area, starting to write her own sci-fi novel and creating her blog. Lorena has been a DC comics fan since she was 9 years old and being able to write and express her opinions about her favorite comic book world is a dream come true.