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Aisha Tyler Will Host Warner Bros. Comic Con 2018 Panel



Do you remember the 2015 Batman v Superman Comic Con Panel Host? If not, just watch the opening of it below!

The Wrap has announced that Aisha Tyler will return to host this years Comic Con for Warner Bros. As you may know, she also is an avid fan of Batman v Superman and defended the film just shortly after it came out, making it known on Reddit:

“haha thanks for the kind words.

I guess why I’ve been so vocal and defensive is because the detractors have been so virulent and dismissive. I genuinely liked that movie. This is true and full disclosure: I don’t work for anyone associated with making or promoting that film in any way. I moderated the Warner Brothers panel for the DCEU movies this past summer for no compensation whatsoever, because when I was a little kid I collected Dark Knight and Watchmen GN and because I love Zack Snyder and David Ayer (I loved End of Watch and I have seen DOTD 2004 like 30 times). I was and am genuinely excited about those films and that universe and if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have participated (I have PLENTY of shit to do). I went to the BVS premiere on my own dime, because I was stoked to see it.

So. Maybe I’m vocal out of love. I thought BVS was clever, I thought it was funny (maybe not as funny as Avengers but that’s not Zack’s thing) I loved the introduction of WW and I am SUPER stoked for Aquaman and Cyborg, and I felt like the criticisms were petty and even some of the canonical criticisms disregarded the fact that DC canon, and indeed comic book canon, is constantly morphing and changing (how many times have X-Men died? How many times has the world ended and then all of a sudden we’re back on earth and people are grabbing Starbucks? Just look at the new 52).

So for me, this was Zack’s take on this world, and I liked the meditation on ultimate power and it’s nature, and whether one can be a hero and still maintain one’s humanity, and whether violence is required to keep peace. I don’t know why people kept whining that “Batman and Superman are supposed to be FRIENDS” when it’s made very clear in BvS that Batman and Superman are meeting for the VERY FIRST TIME and in this version of the DCU Batman has been Batman for a while, but the world is JUST MEETING SUPERMAN. And Batman has fundamental issues with what he represents, and what he could accomplish if he were evil. That aspect of it, to me, both served canon and extended and explored it. And I liked the big ideas at the center about the fight against terror and what it might cost us to win.

Anyway. As you can see, I loved it. I’ve seen it twice and I’ll probably go a third time. I even liked Jesse Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg-off-his-meds LL.

But hell. I’m just one woman.”

She earned my respect back then and I haven’t even mentioned her amazing run on the Animated FX Series ‘Archer‘ as Lana Kane. If you haven’t seen that show either, I would highly recommend it. Now, back to Comic Con.

The fact she adores not only Batman v Superman, but Zack Snyder himself, has me applying my tin foil hat even more. When it was reported Chris Hardwick was not returning (he was the host last year), I, and my fellow fans, made our feelings known that she would be perfect to come back last month.

I’m excited, not only for everything that will be coming out next Saturday, but also how she’ll express her thoughts on everything DC. I feel as if Warner Bros. keeps making moves in the right direction to right their wrongs, especially with all the rhetoric that was told to us as fans at last years Comic Con.

What do you think? Is she a great choice to host 2018’s Warner Bros. Panel at San Diego Comic Con? Let us know in the comments below.

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