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‘Aquaman’ Said To Be An Emotional Action Film Following Test Screening



Despite Aquaman being ten months away from release, Warner Bros. held a test screening for James Wan’s superhero film yesterday and the first reactions have surfaced online.

Batman News spoke with their sources at the screening, who have described the film as an emotional action film, with a tone similar to Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman.

If you were worried the humour would be forced like Justice League’s fear not, there is humour but more drama with some elements of horror.

Here are some more details from the film which are a tad spoiler-ish, read at your own risk:
You still here? Ok here goes.

  • Aquaman has Star Wars-like underwater battles and scary monsters.
  • An amazing villain in Orm, played by Patrick Wilson.
  • Amber Heard’s Mera is very much a co-lead and not just a love interest to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.
  • Characters just talk normally underwater.
  • No giant air bubbles like we saw in Justice League.
  • Jason Momoa wears the comic book Aquaman costume in the movie.
  • Black Manta is a secondary villain. He looks just like he does in the comics.
  • The Trench is in the movie.
  • Aquaman can talk to fish, and he does in the movie.

It sounds like we have a great film to round out the year, let’s hope Warner Bros. don’t start meddling with Wan’s vision like the have done with Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League.

Obviously take the reactions with a pinch of salt for now, as test screenings rarely have bad reviews and remember some things from this report may not make it into the final product.

Aquaman hits screens December 21, 2018.

Source: Batman News

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