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‘Birds of Prey’: 5 Actresses I Think Could Play ‘Black Canary’ & 5 Who Could Play ‘Huntress’



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Sofia Boutella

If you haven’t heard of Sofia Boutella you have most certainly seen her because she has starred in several big movies such as Kingsman, Star Trek Beyond, The Mummy and Atomic Blonde. Sofia is not only a very likable and talented actress but her dancing background has made her very gifted at doing action scenes. She would have no problem playing a former mafia princess and brawler plus would bring a very different and visually striking look to the film. Her high profile work has made her a favourite among fans myself included so I believe fans would be happy with her inclusion in the DC Universe.

Hanna John-Kamen

Hanna John-Kamen has made many fans with her star turn as assassin Ghost in Ant-Man and The Wasp. With some similarities between the characters of Ghost and Huntress, some have suggested her for the role and I think she would do a fantastic job. Her filmography also includes small roles in TV shows Black Mirror and Game of Thrones. This year she had two cameos in recent Warner Bros films Tomb Raider and Ready Player One. While her contract with Marvel might make her being in a DC film logistically hard I could see Warner trying to poach her for Helena Bertinelli.

Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley certainly has had her fill of playing bad girls and rebels so she could easily play Huntress who has a history of having a mean streak. Margaret’s two biggest roles to date have been Mia in Death Note and Amelia in The Nice Guys where she was able to make her wacky crazy characters very interesting and memorable. Her performance in Novitiate was also very well regarded by critics so she brings some critical appeal as well. Her strong screen presence might be too good of a match with the character for Warner Bros. to pass up.

Ana de Armas

Another actress that people have been quick to suggest for a number of DC roles is Ana de Armas. Her performance in War Dogs and Blade Runner 2049 has caught the attention of a number of moviegoers. Considering that both films where from Warner Brothers you bet they have their eye on her as well. Her charisma and striking looks would make for an excellent Helena Bertinelli.

What do you think of my choices for Black Canary and Huntress, be sure to comment and tell me your own casting choices?

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