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Black Mask Will Make Film Debut In ‘Birds of Prey’ As Main Villain



One could be forgiven if you didn’t look into things directors post on Twitter, searching for hidden innuendos. Or, you could be like me, and literally do your best at finding deeper meanings with things.

Enter David Ayer who, on February 27th, 2017, posted the image below:

No context. No words. Just that image. Some speculated that it was a hint at who he was eyeing to be the main Villain in his Gotham City Sirens film. Others just saw it as an image of Black Mask.

Looking back in December of 2017, Ayer was still thinking about Gotham City Sirens and gave his reason for the film:

“It’s a story about three fantastic women who’re trying to find their way in the world, and realize that they have more power together than they do individually. I have daughters, and I want to create something that might be able to help them get along in the world a little bit.”

A few months later and rumors came out that his film and the Untitled Harley film might be combined into a single film. Also Add Margot Robbie loves Ayer as a director

“The reason I signed on for ‘Suicide Squad’ was because I love ‘End of Watch’ so much and I saw it about four times at the cinema.”

You can start to imagine that talks between the two were very much inline with who they might want to portray as the next villain. Now The Wrap have confirmed Black Mask will be the main villain in Birds of Prey

Whether or not Ayer would have him or Margot would, it was clear that Black Mask was being eyed from a very early stage. A villain, mind you, who has never before been seen on-screen. I suspect we will get a very interesting take on Gotham that will be explored in Birds of Prey.

That also makes me wonder: Is Josh Gad really going to be portraying The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ Batman film? Or are we potentially getting introduced to a world that will one day see the Dark Trinity of Red Hood, Bizarro, & Artemis?

What are your thoughts on Black Mask being the main villain in Birds of Prey? Let us know in the comments below.


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