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DC Films Hub Podcast Episode: 027



This week:

We discuss how some DC Fans are hypocritical towards current DC Films, Twitter-fingers about DC & Zack, Critics attacking filmmakers, Jason Momoa talking Snyder Cut and more….

  • DC Films and their colors
  • Twitter warriors telling Zack what to do
  • Jason Momoa on Snyders Cut of Justice League
  • Zacks relationship with Warner Bros.
  • Justice League Storyboards from Zack
  • Plus More.


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We genuinely care about the topics and discussions involving DC and many other properties and attempt to adhere to etiquette, sometimes we just get passionate. Music for the Intro and Outro is composed by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL ‘Ow, My Balls’ and the music during the show is assorted by the topics and discussions, arraigned by John. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy our latest Episode.

Father // Senior Editor // Co-Host for the DC Films Hub Podcast @DCFilmsHubPod // Male Feminist // Unapologetic Snyder Enthusiast // Xbox

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