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A Positive New Future For The DCEU

A Positive New Future for the DCEU

With all the bad publicity about Justice League going around, we want to take the time and look at these occurrences from a more positive perspective and not from an all doom and gloom cloud, which is something click bait sites like to use to drive traffic toward their site, but that is not what we do here.

First of all, we want to say, that we here at DC Films Hub enjoyed the Justice League movie. It might not have been the epic world building multilayered story we were waiting for, it did however leave us satisfied and very entertained; furthermore, we are still very optimistic on what plans Warner Bros. has in store for the DCEU.

World Building:

We all admit that Warner Bros. was a bit too quick to blow their load on putting the band together, but who can blame them after they saw how financially successful superhero shared universes were.

For example Suicide Squad, the movie was flawed and destroyed by critics. But the film itself made $745.6 million at the worldwide box-office. With this much money generated, imagine how much money they thought the could make by putting the greatest superheroes of all times together in the Justice League.

Even thought these superheroes are well known, the general public needs to connect with them, see them through trials and tribulations, watch them create their own back story. With what’s transpired with Justice League, now would be a great opportunity for Warner Bros. to take their time with the DCEU. Finish up on Aquaman which is currently in post-production. Find the right way to introduce magic in to the DC Universe with the debut of Shazam and Black Adam. They also need a Superman a sequel, especially now that we’ve got the more confident and optimistic Big Blue Scout that we all know and love.

Hit A Soft Reset:

Although there were rumours of Warner Bros. waiting to see how Justice League performed at the box-office in order to green light the standalone Flashpoint movie, I think they should definitely use the story inspired from the classic comic book run and put a few things back in order, the biggest one is the elephant in the room “The Batman” with all the uncertainty about Ben Affleck’s future, with new casting rumours on the daily, Matt Reeves stepping in to direct and do a page one re-write, its been an emotional roller coaster for us fans. It’s safe to say they need to protect their cash cow, even if it means parting ways with our beloved Batfleck. It will be a sad day, but we’d love the idea of Warner Bros. having a committed actor in the role, one they can build their world around the right way without constant speculation of departure.

Stay The Course:

One of the thing that Warner Bros. like to pride themselves on, and at times are brag about, is that they’re a director friendly studio. Are they though? After the now infamous two hour mandate run time of Justice League and the rumoured dismantling of Zack Snyder’s vision, it is safe to say that they’re NOT. They are in the business of making money and that is understandable, but they should see what the DCEU was, it was a fresh, unique in the way it was grounded and the only thing that failed were the stories they decided to bring forwards, not the tone. The idea to deconstruct our heroes did not sit well with the general audience, case and point the success of Wonder Woman , this was a movie that was grounded in reality with a great cast, story and director; so we say, stay the course and don’t pander to the public.

There are characters that can provide the family friendly hits and the more crowd pleasing film that generates the big bucks, whilst at the same time characters who offer a darker tone and even provide you with characters that can dive deep into the horror genre. DC has a plethora of heroes that can serve as connecting tissue whilst at the same to be on their own. You can be sure theres a long list of directors aching to bring these heroes/villains to life.

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