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‘Gotham’ First Look At The New Joker



Gotham have wasted no time in capitalizing on their ever-growing popularity of their show by releasing the new image of the Clown Prince of Crime.

It was always speculated that Jerome Valeska, played by the talented Cameron Monaghan would be the Joker, something that was always denied by the producers of the show and the actors.

The show however found an a interesting way to keep Jerome a part of the real Jokers creation, something that has been crucial for the shows success.

Last week it was revealed that Jerome was not the Joker, but that his twin brother Jeremiah was. Since then fans have been anxiously waiting to see what he would would look like and now the first images have hit the net.

See below:

Lets hope Monaghan brings the crazy like he did on with his Jerome role.

Source: Twitter

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