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Henry Cavill Hopes For ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel



Henry Cavill helped launch the DC Extended Universe launched with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 2013. Since then he’s donned the cape in Batman V Superman and last year’s Justice League.

Rumours had suggested Warner Bros. would have greenlighted a Man of Steel sequel if Justice League was a runaway hit, however, due to its disappointing return, the studio reportedly pumped the breaks on the announcement.

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

During Cinemacon in Las Vegas this week, Cavill caught up with whilst promoting Mission:Impossible – Fallout and spoke about reprising his role as Supermansooner rather than later.

“I’m having a lot of conversations, behind-the-scenes, with certain people and we will hopefully be having conversations with other people who are also behind-the-scenes to make things start happening. It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell. There is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman

Frosty (Steve Weintraub) from Collider also noted in his report he had heard some rumours around town that Cavill was in negotiations to renew his contract with DC, which only has one film left on his deal. He says Warner Bros. are looking to make Superman the glue that holds the DC Extended Universe together, with Cavill making appearance in other DC Films, a bit like what Samuel L. Jackson does at Marvel.

When Frosty asks Cavill on this, he looka at someone off camera and smiles, hinting something was going on. After that, he says that no matter how many films are left on his contract, he really wants to continue playing the character. So do we Henry, so do we.

Watch the full interview here:

With all the changes taking places behind-the-scenes at Warner Bros. I really hope we get some further film announcements soon, and this years San Diego Comic-Con would be a great place to do that.

Would you like to see Cavill return for a Man of Steel sequel?

SOURCE: Collider

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