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How To Put An End To All ‘The Batman’ Drama



Ever since it was announced that Ben Affleck was not going to direct his standalone Batman movie it has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Batfleck fans. Every time an article comes out saying whether or not Affleck wants to continue his role as the Caped Crusader another article is published stating the opposite.

Affleck has been no help in clearing things up because while he did say he had no intention of quitting during last years Comic-Con Justice League panel, he has not responded to the numerous articles and rumours that have come out since then. Making most people think that Ben Affleck is indeed uncertain about his future in the role. It is not even clear if Affleck is starring in Matt Reeves Batman solo movie anymore. The rumour is that Ben Affleck’s last appearance would have been in Flashpoint, but that could have changed since John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein came onto the project to rewrite and direct the film.

All the rumours and articles have been a headache for Warner Brother’s publicity team and it’s clear that everyone involved needs to come to a decision soon so they can either move forward or move on with the character. If I worked at Warner Brothers I would give Ben Affleck a set amount of time to think about whether he wants to continue as Batman and when that times up Warner Bros. and Affleck can have a meeting where they discuss his future in the DCEU. At the end of the meeting, Affleck can either sign a contract for more films or if they can’t come to an agreement he can sign a resignation and they can start planning his final appearance. If Affleck wants to continue, that’s fantastic and they should reaffirm that he is starring in Matt Reeves Batman movie at this year’s San Diego Comic Con to put an end to the rumours. If possible maybe have Reeves and/or Affleck on stage to show his commitment and get fans excited. And if he does not want to continue there is no need to announce him quitting which will only get more negative press. Simply announce Affleck will be appearing in Flashpoint and reboot Batman in The Flash film, or kill the character off.

I know Flashpoint was rumoured to be similar to Back to the Future and have lower stakes but remember in Back to the Future Doc Brown dies at the beginning of the first film. Kill Batman off at the beginning of the film and have the movie be about the Flash traveling through time to try to prevent Batman from dying only for Barry to discover that you can’t escape death. Or you could give Batman a role similar to Nora Allan’s role in the Flashpoint comic book. In the Flashpoint Paradox Flash goes back in time to stop his mother (Nora) from being murdered by the Reverse Flash. Only to find that in doing so he created a horrible dystopian future that ends in nuclear war. I can easily see Batman being killed at the beginning of the movie and the Flash going back in time to save him, but when he tries to go back to the present he accidentally goes too far forward in time and realizes that by saving Batman he doomed the future.

The film could end with Dick Grayson meeting the rest of the Justice League at Bruce’s funeral where he could reveal that he left Bruce after he started murdering criminals due to Jason Todd’s death. Nightwing could move back to Gotham to take care of the increased criminal activity following Batman’s death. This eliminates the need to recast Batman in the DCEU by giving his place on the Justice League to Nightwing and brings dick Grayson into the story organically. As for Matt Reeves just make his movie part of the DC dark universe so Warner Bros can still have A Batman on film, but with his own separate universe that’s not apart of the DCEU. I really like the idea of Nightwing filling Batman’s place instead of just recasting Affleck, plus this gives Reeves free reign to create a new Batman without being held to DCEU plans and continuity. That being said I really love Ben Affleck in the role and sincerely hope he continues, here’s hoping to comic con for answers. Let me know what you think about all the Batman drama and my ideas for how Affleck could potentially exit in the comments below.

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