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Interview: Dan Jurgens Talks ‘Booster Gold’ Movie; Tonal Comparisons to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’



In my recent interview with DC Comics legend, Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman, Creator of Doomsday), I asked about the upcoming Booster Gold movie, based on Jurgens’ DC character creation.

Knowing it was still in development at Warner Bros., I didn’t necessarily expect a major update on the film’s status. Mainly, the interview was about Jurgens’ writing of the current Batman Beyond Rebirth comics at DC, for my Above and Batman Beyond podcast. However, with Avengers: Infinity War rightfully breaking all that is the box office, one juicy, film newsworthy nugget I pulled was Jurgens’ tonal comparison between Booster Gold and Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy.

During the interview, I expressed to Jurgens my own opinion that a Booster Gold movie might be healthy, so to speak, for the DCEU. I said that some DC film fans out there will probably be happy to see a lighter side of the cinematic universe — So, I think Booster would be a great tonal alternative.

Here is what Dan Jurgens had to say on the subject:

“Obviously, I do as well…For me, I think it’s one of these things that, I can certainly see fitting into that slot that sort of has been occupied by first Ant-Man and then Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. And, it’s something that could be bright, and fun, and high energy and wide scope at the same time. I would think it would fit very comfortably into that slot, so I would love to see it. And, I think when you have something like that, then that makes some of the other stuff work better as well, so it’s not all the same.”

Jurgens continues:

“I think [Booster] represents some territory that has not yet been mined for DC and Warner films, so yeah, it’d be a lot of fun to see it happen.”

If the character concept of Booster Gold interests you on the big screen or even just in comics, Jurgens and I also talked about the exceptional relevance and importance of the character to today’s “celebrity culture.”

BD: “With everything that’s just been going on in the world, and how reality TV is everywhere and the velocity and volume of information, and social media…I think that Booster Gold would be a great mirror too, kind of keep people a little aware of maybe how they’re behaving.”

DJ: “Yeah, I think in this Kardashian sort of world that we live in, that, as celebrity culture gets to be more and more all the time, I really believe the character has more relevance now than even when he was created. And, again, there’s just so much there that I think it’s something that could work out remarkably well if we get to that point.”

If the record sweeping Infinity War box office thus far (pre-China numbers by the way) is any indicator, then “bright, and fun, and high energy” has seemed to work out well for Marvel Studios. Infinity War is full of Guardians generated humor and action, which is just the type of feel Booster Gold could bring to DC Films and Warners. Add to that, the cultural significance we talked about, and it sounds like this Booster flick could be something truly exciting for DC.

Booster Gold is currently in development at Warner Bros. Studios. Greg Berlanti, architect and showrunner of the CW’s DC superhero TV ‘verse, is set to direct the Booster film, with a screenplay by Zack Stentz based on Jurgens’ DC Comics.

Check out my full interview with Dan Jurgens below:

SOURCE: Above and Batman Beyond Podcast

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