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James Gunn To Write, Possibly Direct ‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot-Equel



Have I woke up in Earth-2 or is this really happening?

It was announced today that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn will pen the script for Warner Bros. and DC’s Suicide Squad sequel, with the potential to direct. As of right now though, Gunn has only closed a deal to write the script.

Gunn was fired by Marvel earlier this year after some “jokes” surfaced regarding rape and pedophilia. There was calls for his rehiring by actors and fans, but they fell on deaf ears, so it surprises me Warner Bros. are bringing him on-board.

Now here’s the kicker, according to THR Gunn isn’t developing a sequel, but a brand new take on the DC property. Now its unclear whether this is a reboot-equel, full-on reboot or one of DC’s new Elseworld stories. It’s all far too confusing.

Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant) was set to direct the Suicide Squad sequel but things fell apart according to Variety’s Justin Kroll.

“On the Gavin O’Connor front in relation to SS2, hearing the story he had for the sequel ended up almost being identical to the BIRDS OF PREY story and when that film was given the go ahead to go before SQUAD 2, O’Connor grew frustrated and fell off project to do HAS BEEN instead.”

The Suicide Squad is a group mostly composed of incarcerated super-villains who are sent on black ops missions, by the government, that have a low chance of survival in return for lowering their incarceration time.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Gunn penning the script for Suicide Squad.


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