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James Wan Continues To Tease Footage From Upcoming ‘Aquaman’ Trailer



We are only five days away from getting our first look at the Aquaman trailer.

A few weeks ago director James Wan confirmed the first official trailer would premier during Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

It’s not long now until we finally dive into this underworld adventure but that hasn’t stopped Wan teasing fans by posting shots from the trailer on his Twitter account.

Last month on Instagram Wan also teased fans with a shot from the movie showing two characters (possibly Aquaman and Orm) in battle.

Just a couple of hours ago Wan once again teased fans with a shot from the upcoming trailer with the caption’

Working overtime to put the finishing touches for this coming week!! Eeeeeee“.

The incredible shot depicts what looks to be a king celebrating a victory or coronation as a whale, just one of many sea creatures we should expect to see in this film takes a dive underwater. After doing some research it looks like the figure in the shot is King Atlan (Dead King) who was also set to feature in Justice League but his scenes were cut out as pointed out by Twitter user

As you can see their costumes are the same with the cape, helmet and most important of all the trident’s are identical.

Could we be looking at a flashback scene before Aquaman was King? In the comics, King Atlan sank Atlantis, and of the seven kingdoms that existed at the time, only three survive with one of them being Atlantis. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet but the Dead King’s Scepter could play a major role in this film, after all, it was used to sink Atlantis.

DC database on the Dead King’s Scepter:

The dead king of Atlantis forged seven weapons in order to defeat his brother, Orin. These weapons were buried in his tomb.

The Dead King’s Scepter was stolen from the tomb by Black Manta.

The Dead King’s Scepter grants it’s possessor the ability to generate earthquakes strong enough to sink islands and continents, such as it did with Atlantis long ago.

It also allows it’s possessor to control the Trench through primal authority recognition.

This would also explain the shot released by Entertainment Weekly a couple of months ago showing Arthur and Mera possibly looking at a map in hopes to recover the powerful scepter.

The first Aquaman trailer will be premiering this weekend at SDCC on 21, July

Aquaman will be released 21, December

Synopsis for Aquaman:

‘Aquaman’ will center on Aquaman as a reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis who is caught between land dwellers that are always polluting the globe and his own people who are ready to invade the surface.

SOURCE: James Wan

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