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‘Justice League Mortal’: Possible First Look At D.J. Cotrona As Superman



Dusk till Dawn star D.J. Cotrona was all set to play Clark Kent/Superman in George Miller’s Justice League Mortal before production was shut down on the project, this was due to the 2008 writers strike, along with Australian politics about filming tax credits.

Warner Bros. tried to reignite the project by moving production to Canada, but with further delays and the success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the studio decided to focus on the development of individual superhero films.

Concept art from Justice League Mortal along with pictures of Megan Gale as Wonder Woman have been released in the past, but nothing else in regards to the other heroes from the League.

Now, almost ten years on an image has surfaced online giving us our first possible look at D.J Cotrona as Superman.

The image comes from Twitter user Mil05:

I know the image quality isn’t great unfortunately, but it does give us an indication of what Miller had in store for his version of the Man of Steel. Conceptual artist matthatt0n who worked on Justice League Mortal has a drawing that offers a clearer look at the suit.

Cotrona previously spoke with Cinema Blend about Justice League Mortal’s Superman, saying Kal-El was a fully realized alien god.

“The version of Superman that we were going to build was incredible. We were very much leaning towards alien, you know, not like down and out Clark Kent, but a fully realized alien, alien god. This guy was always flying and the design of the suit was, there was very, very cool subtle details that were really cool, but tonally it was like a god, like the ultimate powerful god and the relationship between Batman and Superman that we were going to make in this movie was the one that I always wanted to see. Still do, still do, man. It’s a damn shame we didn’t get to finish that one. Hopefully it will work out and Warners will be able to put it out eventually.”

It pains me we never got to see George Miller’s Justice League Mortal. It could have been something truly special.

What do you guys think of Cotrona’s suit?

We have contacted Warner Bros. for confirmation on the image, but we’ve yet to hear anything back.

Source: Mil05

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