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‘Justice League’ Passes The $500 Million Milestone At The Worldwide Box Office



Despite not being the box office success Warner Bros. were hoping for, Justice League has now passed the $500 million milestone.

According to Forbes, the fifth entry into the DC Extended Universe estimates the film currently stands is at $505 million.

Here’s all the DC Extended Universe films to date final box office earnings:

  1. Batman v Superman $873.3
  2. Wonder Woman $821.8
  3. Suicide Squad $745.6
  4. Man of Steel $668.0

In what was a shock to both fans and the studio, Justice League had the lowest opening weekend of any DC Film since the dawn of its shared superhero universe.

The film still has a couple of weeks to perform before the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which as you know will push any competition in its path aside with ease.

If things don’t pick up, Justice League may end up the lowest grossing film in the DCEU.

Source: Forbes

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