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‘Krypton’: Lobo To Be Introduced In Season 2



Syfy’s Krypton came out swinging in its first season. The show received generally positive reviews and garnered large enough viewership for a renewal. The showrunners have promised to keep the momentum of the first season rolling into the second season, with excitement brewing for Doomsday and fans eagerly awaiting the return of Brainiac.

Fans have even more in store for the upcoming season with the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con of not only Flamebird and Nightwing joining the show, but the Main man himself, Lobo. An alien born on the utopia Czarnia, Lobo murdered his entire race for fun, becoming the last Czarnian. He has a mind for senseless violence and travels the universe an intergalactic bounty hunter.

Prior to the official announcement, I was on hand to see the news hinted at by DC Entertainment VP of Creative Affairs, Dan Evans. During Friday’s DC From Page to Screen panel, a fan asked the panelists if a Lobo TV show or movie could be expected anytime soon. Moderating the panel, Evans took the question, telling the fan to “keep an eye on this weekend’s announcements.” There was no follow up to the vague answer, and fans were left to wait until Saturday to understand what Evans was hinting at.

During the Krypton panel on Saturday, the creative team behind the show broke the news. He is set to play a big role as a recurring villain during the second season. It is unknown how the arrival of Lobo on the show will impact plans for the Lobo movie said to still be in development. But if we can have a DC Films Flash and a CWTV Flash, we can certainly have two crazy bounty hunters!

Are you excited to see Lobo on the small screen? Let us know in the comments!

Krypton will return for season 2 on Syfy in 2019.


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