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DC Fans Use Their Money For A Good Cause On Release Day Of ‘Justice League’

DC Fans Use Their Money for a Good Cause on Release Day of ‘Justice League’

November 17th, 2017 is a day I will remember for a very long time. I, along with my fellow fans, had been waiting to see our favorite Justice League members on the big screen for the first time and in a way that would show how much these characters meant to a lot of us.However, in May of 2017, we were struck with tragic news regarding the loss of Zack Snyder’s daughter, Autumn Snyder, from suicide.

With the news of Snyder stepping down for obvious reasons, he wrote a Twitter message

“To support or seek help, please know there are places such as and that are doing great work.”.

With everything that went on behind the scenes after Snyder stepped down, some fans were displeased with how the final product of Justice League was handled prior to release. Some even felt the film was not Zack Snyder’s true vision, which stems from the recently released ‘behind the scenes’ footage of principal photography.

Now typically, superheros and suicide seldom go hand in hand. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. and with the right approach and focus, things can be brought to light in such tragic circumstances.

With the release of Justice League on Blu Ray, many fans have taken an opportunity, of sorts, to show support for two causes in one major effort. For one cause, fans have been making their voices heard they will not purchase the Theatrical Cut of Justice League because they want Snyder’s true vision they have deemed #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

With this, they are making it quite clear they want to support Warner Bros. and the director’s true vision, but are unwilling to support a film they feel was not what was promised to them in the marketing leading up to November 17th. The other cause is in support and the donation of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, of which Snyder mentioned on the day the news came out about his daughter Autumn.

With the option to purchase Justice League on Blu Ray for the first time on March 13th, 2018, some took that as an opportunity to spend what would have been the cost of the Blu Ray, and donate that same amount to The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

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