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Matthew Vaughn Says He’s In Talks With DC Over “A Few Things”



Matthew Vaughn is a celebrated director of the comic book movie genre, having helmed Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman movies. He revitalised Fox’s X-Men Universe after the disappointments that X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were.

The X-Men have went from strength to strength (minus the little blip X-Men: Apocalypse was) with the foundation Vaughn put in place. Now the director may try his hand with a DC Comics property.

Speaking on episode #413 of the IGN UK Podcast Vaughn said he’d rather work with DC than Marvel and that he’s been speaking with Warner Bros. about coming on board:

“I do love the world of DC, and I’ve been talking to them at the moment about a few things. It’s more fun getting involved with franchises when they’re on the down, because then it’s easier to make a good film. So if I got involved with a few of the superhero films out there that have been disappointing, it’s going to be… if I do OK, it’ll probably be better.”

The DC Extended Universe hasn’t exactly been the critical darling the studio want, but out of the five films released so far I’d say there’s been two with issues, one being Suicide Squad and Justice League the other.

What Warner Bros. need to do is get things in order behind-the-scenes and have a plan for the future of DC Film’s. They need to stop rushing things to try to catch up with other studios. If Vaughn does come on-board, he could help with the Man of Steel sequel, by brining the new positive Supes we saw in Justice League to forefront of DC alongside Wonder Woman. Or, perhaps do something with The Flash, maybe even Green Lantern Corps.

Vaughn spoke with DC over the Man of Steel sequel

Vaughn goes on to talk about how X-Men was in a rough place before he came on-board.

“So when I did X-Men there was, you know, a pretty low bar — X-Men 3, no offense, was not a fantastic piece of work, it’s much more fun saving and reinventing something — I’d be more intimidated trying to do a new Guardians [of the Galaxy], for example.”

Vaughn knows what he doesn’t want to do and that’s Batman, saying Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight is perfection.

“If I was going to do Batman, there’s no point doing the Dark Knight, because it’s been done to perfection — if I was doing Batman, I’d go ‘Christ, let’s bring out the Adam West version,’ I’m not interested in copying somebody else’s take on the genre.”

The Kingsman director hasn’t decided what he wants to do next:

“I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing next and I feel like flexing a muscle which I haven’t used before, and I’ve filmed quite a few superhero movies.”

We’ll now just have to play the waiting game to see what comes of these discussions, but if he does decide to do a DC movie, he’s going to give us something fresh.

Source: IGN Podcast via Comic Book

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