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Newly Discovered ‘Justice League’ Concept Art Possibly Reveals New Scenes



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Next, we have a Parademon horde, all hanging upside down. Now, if the Parademons hang upside down, I would imagine that the people hanging upside down in the last image are how the Parademons were intended to be bred from human stock. Normally, they are genetically created in Apokolips’ laboratories, but re-purposing them into new Parademons would make sense in this scene. We actually never see anyone created from reformatted genetic material (except in the History Lesson), and knowing Darkseid’s not involved with this invasion, this could explain why Steppenwolf had so many in his loyal army.

We also see that the Parademons have the extra legs used to snatch up humans, which was how they grabbed people in the Knightmare scene in Batman v Superman. Also, seeing the fan and the familiar setting from the live action film where the Tunnel Battle takes place, I’m thinking more took place here. Maybe when Cyborg flew in, before he jumps into the Knightcrawler, he blasted a few Parademons on his way down. Either way, from what this looks like, it would appear that more Parademons were involved with the ensuing brawl.

Parademons hanging upside down

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