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Set Videos and Captured Stunts of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’



Wonder Woman 1984 Set Videos | DCFILMSHUB.COM

At the top of DCEU (DC Extended Universe) film success thus far, both critically and at the box office, is last year’s Wonder Woman. If you’re one of the millions to applaud Patty Jenkins’ directorial take on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, then you’ll probably be happy to see work beginning on its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. The DC trinity superheroine returns to theaters for a 2019 release.

Wonder Woman 1984 Set Videos | DCFILMSHUB.COM

Principal photography on WW 1984 began within the past few weeks, and already, HollywoodPipeline caught some rather extensive set videos and photos of Gal Gadot and the film crew shooting in Washington, DC.

The possibility of an invisible jet? Or, maybe Wonder Woman is just flying or using super speed. Chris Pine back in action; back from the dead, or somehow alive; or maybe it’s a Steve Trevor look alike? The answer: Who the heck knows?! Speculation is endless with behind-the-scenes footage like this, especially when it comes to historic DC comic book characters and grand scale cinematic universe building. There are a million directions filmmakers can take these characters. In the case of WW 1984, Patty Jenkins is both behind the camera and a co-screenwriter, along with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham as co-writers. The WW ‘verse is theirs to shape, and it’s more than exciting to see it all begin in principal.
Again, in addition to the set videos, caught photos as well. Check them out for yourself below:

SOURCE: Hollywood Pipeline

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