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‘Superman: Red Son’ Animated Film In Development



Superman Red Son Symbol

The Good News

Mario Robles, of Revenge Of The Fans, has broken the news in regards to the upcoming DC Animated Film. He reports that Superman: Red Son is happening and several key actors will be involved, including:

Diedrich Bader (Office Space, Napolean Dynamite, and has previously provided the voice for Batman)

Oscar Isaacs (Entourage, Harry Potter Films)

Phil Lamarr (Mad TV, voices Aquaman for the Injustice Games)

Tara Strong (voices Harley Quinn in numerous ways) and more.

Now, what we don’t know, are the details yet of who the actors/actresses will be playing but expect announcements soon. I’m curious to know who Tara Strong will portray, as Harley Quinn isn’t present in the graphic novel. Maybe we’ll have some more information once San Diego Comic-Con happens in July this year.

What Is Red Son?

This is one of my favorite ‘Elseworld’ titles about The Big Blue Boy Scout. If you’re not familiar with Superman: Red Son, here’s the Official Synopsis from the Graphic Novel:

He’s a strange visitor from another world who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands. And who, as the champion of the common worker, fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, Socialism and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact. A deftly written alternate take on the mythos of the Man of Steel, RED SON explores the classic tale of Superman’s origins’. That is, if his rocketship had landed in the Soviet Union rather than Smallville, Kansas.

Be that as it may, Superman is Superman. Created from Mark Millar (Secret Service, Ultimate X-Men), Superman still has his core values, they’re just not the American way. Then there’s Lois Lane, who is First Lady now that she’s married to Lex Luthor, President of the United States. We also have Jimmy Olsen as a CIA agent. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Zack Snyder used that as inspiration for the character in Batman v Superman. Wonder Woman and Batman are there, just in different roles, almost akin to the Knightmare scenes from Batman v Superman. If you’ve never read it, I won’t spoil how everything ends up. Just know that it’s a fascinating tale of the Superman mythos.

The Animated DC Universe

The creatives behind some of the recent DC Animated films aren’t holding back. With Batman Ninja, they created a very stylistic achievement in the Batman mythos. With the adapted animations of The Death of Superman, Batman: The Killing Joke, Flashpoint Paradox, & The Dark Knight returns, they’re striking gold. That’s just a few of the films they’ve created from the plethora of amazing arcs in the DC library. With upcoming interpretations of Batman: Hush, Reign of Superman, & Batman: The Long Halloween, we’re in for some truly great cinema.

Superman: Red Son will be the first adaption of a solo Superman ‘Elseworld’ film since DC began creating animated films from their DC comics. We’ve had plenty of Batman films exploring different iterations so seeing Superman get that treatment is tremendous. Hopefully this will open the door to Kingdom Come being adapted in animated form, or maybe even Batman: The White Knight or Superman: Year One.

Are you excited about the upcoming Superman: Red Son? Let us know in the comments below.

Superman is watching you

Superman: Red Son



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