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The DCEU Opens The Doors Of Atlantis In It’s First Trailer



The first Aquaman trailer is here and summer never felt fresher than it does this year.

We got to see a little bit of Arthur Curry’s potential in Justice League last year, but now the great James Wan will show us his take on the character in this solo movie. December 21st couldn’t come soon enough.

The very first thing I have to address that I personally noted, is that I couldn’t stop thinking about Man of Steel because of the presentation in the trailer of Arthur Curry in different stages of his life: kid, teenager, and man. If the movie will have flashbacks, like Zack Snyder did with Clark’s life, it will definitely be something I’ll be grateful for.


I can already tell that Orm and Black Manta will be another DCEU memorable villains, Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2 look perfect. Amber Heard was clearly made for the iconic role of Mera, just like if the character came out of the comic books.


The environments and especially the city of Atlantis, are something original that surely will mark history in the comic book genre.


Pretty excited to see how the DC Universe evolves in future films, cause right now looks promising. What do you think?

Here you can check out the trailer:


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