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Warner Bros/DC Is Developing a ‘Supergirl’ Movie With ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ Writer



Seems like the last daughter of Krypton is going to have her own movie (again).

Oren Uziel – 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox – will write the script for DC and Warner Bros. Kara Zor-El starred in her own movie in 1984 (Helen Slater) and later she had her very first TV series in 2015 (Melissa Benoist).

Helen Slater

Melissa Benoist

It’s very clear that Warner Bros and DC are all in about supporting female characters starring in their movies. Gal Gadot started this trend with Wonder Woman (2017), being the next one based on the Birds of Prey comics.

Supergirl joins the DC girl power movement.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new project.


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