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Warner Bros. Know How Important ‘Superman’ Is Says Geoff Johns



In a recent interview with Collider, former President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns revealed that everyone at Warner Bros. Studios loves Superman and want the character to return to the big screen.

Collider’s Steve Weintraub told Johns he wanted another Man of Steel film and asked him how he felt about that statement, to which Johns replied:

“Look, working with [DC Films President] Walter Hamada and [Warner Bros. Chairman] Toby [Emmerich] over there at [Warner Bros.], they feel the same way. Everyone loves Superman and knows how important Superman is,” Johns explained.

“It’s not in my wheelhouse now to really say anything beyond that but… I got into this business because of Superman: The Movie, because Dick Donner directed what I think is still an amazing superhero film but an amazing film — it’s an American film, it’s a classic.”

It’s rumoured that Henry Cavill is currently in contract negotiations with Warner Bros. for further appearances in the DC Extended Universe, and with him starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout his stock is going to rise further. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before we find out what Warner Bros. has in store for Superman.


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