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What Happens If Those DC “Scoopers” Are Wrong?



I don’t have producer friends and I don’t have big name sources that answer my every call. I have to rely on some that have more knowledge than me, and it makes sense that I should.

But what happens when these “influencers” become more than just having the right information? What happens if their spewing out their own rhetoric, because NOW they have an audience from previous scoops that turned out to be real? If you think these guys don’t have ulterior motives, then you may not want to hear what I have to say. But I don’t believe you think that.

How do we determine what the truth is? In order to build trust, one has to continuously be certain that the information they’re spreading is fact, and not just a unilateral decision. But that takes time and effort. That takes some actually reporting and digging into the criteria you’re wanting to spread as your “scoop“. So I urge these people, to be more cognizant of what they put out there as fact, when they don’t show any kind of support to back up that claim.

Are they just wanting attention? Or are they seriously that naive to believe they’re not causing more harm than good? What I have started to notice is worrisome to say the least, and will eventually end journalism being any more reliable than a tweet that just so happens to blow up because it has a lot of likes and retweets. The other day, some random, tweeted at me in response to Jay Oliva himself, who WORKED on Justice League WITH Zack Snyder: “The cut isn’t in a releasable state, JL was the studio’s first movie to cause financial problems for the brand, there’s not enough support from general audiences to make it profitable, and the cast and crew – who have moved on to other projects – would have to come back.”

I don’t even want to post a picture of it. But I will say that THAT is what is being perpetrated as fact by the general public, because these so-called “scoopers” have posted about them on their Twitter accounts. That is, of course, posted from their personal accounts. They couldn’t be able to put it in writing because that would discredit their website. That is strange though, that some of these guys have blogs and ‘news‘ sites that they could easily run stories on how a Snyder Cut doesn’t exist and will never happen. But of course, I only see that speculation on the potential of Snyder’s Cut gets circulated from their sites.

But the bigger question is how are these “Scoopers” disagreeing with someone who actually worked on the film? I have now seen several bloggers literally have disagreements with Jay Oliva that they have information about what transpired with Justice League, when Jay physically worked with Snyder on the film. Not only that, these bloggers want to assume that us fans don’t understand the difference between ‘assembly cut‘ and ‘fully complete‘. So when they’re proven wrong, they defend their information by stating that ‘we’ didn’t understand what ‘they’ meant.

And that leads me to the real question: What happens to these “Scoopers” credibility if a Snyder Cut is released? And we learn that it wasn’t 70 Million to complete. Do we gloat? That will only lead to more of them blocking users who question their logic. Do we continue to listen to them? What about that time when it was reported that Wonder Woman was a mess? With some, they’ve been on record saying:

DC FANS! Even though I was embarrassed to do so, I asked officially yet again about a JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder cut and it got deaded. Sorry, but it ain’t happening.

If Warner Bros. is allowing non-trades to announce when and if they have films coming out, why do we need Variety or The Hollywood Reporter? Why does Warner Bros. literally have a press conference when certain things get announced, if all they had to do was let any and all news out in tweets. And they’re going to avoid the entire Snyder Cut initiative the last 8 months, by allowing a “Scooper” to relay the message to the entire planet that one of their films is “Deaded“?

I don’t know if, or when, we’ll get news about a Snyder Cut of Justice League. But its been pretty obvious that Jay Oliva has challenged any and all, if they have spoken out against their being one at all. And ever since, things have been pretty quiet about it lately. Maybe its fear. Or maybe these “Scoopers” have felt the rumblings and their sources have given them news they’ve been saying the opposite of since January. So what happens if a Snyder Cut of his film is announced? Do we finally stop believing any and everything they say once and for all? Do we give them a pass, even though they would not only chastise those who would say his cut did exist, they would down right mock any who challenged their info? If anything, I hope we all learn that just maybe, we should just wait until Warner Bros. announces things. Or if reliable news outlets announce their exclusives, and they usually do with an unbiased opinion, to listen to them. I was inspired to write about this after watching a friend of DC Films Hub, Mr. Chris Wong-Swenson of Ping Pong Flix. Watch his video below:

Thanks for reading and let me know what your thoughts are below.

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