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Why We Should Be Patient With The ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel



Back in 2016 David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was welcomed with somewhat not a favourable reception.

To be honest the film along with Batman v Superman felt the blunt-end from both reviewers and the majority of the general audience. However what goes under-looked with Suicide Squad is how the film was actually a huge success numbers wise. With a budget of $175 million the film made back more than enough money with the final numbers at the box office landing around $750 million.
As someone who has followed pretty much every step of the DC cinematic universe I was surprised how the studio hasn’t been trying their all to get this project up and moving.

Warner Bros. has shown with the likes of Justice League how they would rather chase success rather than making the best movie possible. These mistakes were also present with Suicide Squad as the film had clearly been tampered with but it kind of worked out financially. Everyone knows the issues that went on behind the scenes with Suicide Squad. So having another crack at the franchise would seem logical. It was rumoured the sequel would start production some time next year but in the last couple of months this now looks highly unlikely.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be expecting production for the Suicide Squad sequel to start anytime soon:

Birds of Prey Movie

With the popularity of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn growing everyday the studio have decided to make her the centre of the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. At first with the announcement of the project I didn’t think it would impact the future of the Suicide Squad sequel at all. However, with the recent developments in the past couple of months Birds of Prey looks to be getting fast-tracked as Margot Robbie herself confirmed they’re aiming to start shooting the movie early next year. If it does start shooting next year which I’m expecting it to this would only mean bad news for the Suicide Squad sequel. I just can’t seem them making the sequel without arguably their most popular character in the DC cinematic universe.

Gavin O’Connor

While Margot Robbie’s future projects could become a hindrance to Suicide Squad sequel the man in charge of the project himself, Gavin O’Connor could potentially have a busy next year with a different project. According to Deadline O’Connor is teaming up with Ben Affleck again for Warner Bros potential project ‘The Has-Been‘. Most importantly the report states that if the deal goes through the studio would be looking to fast-track the project which would push it ahead of O’Connor’s other projects including The Accountant 2 and of course Suicide Squad 2.

Jared Leto’s Morbius Film

In the short time that Birds of Prey has been confirmed to start shooting next year the Joker himself has found a new role within the comic book world. Jared Leto has got himself a spin-off movie in Sony’s Spider-Man universe as Morbius. Now this may not be the biggest factor that pushes back the production for Suicide Squad 2 because we aren’t sure who will appear in the film. The likes of Black Adam and Deathstroke has already been rumoured as the main villain for the movie. I’m expecting both Harley Quinn and the Joker to star in the sequel. I mean that would be logical. And given how Leto’s Joker was handled in the first film one would have to think the studio would want to make up for how his character was portrayed. However, this Morbius film is all on Sony’s end. They are really trying everything to make their own cinematic universe work. I believe Leto’s Morbius film being fast-tracked all depends on the performance of Sony’s up coming Venom movie.

At the end of the day we’re going to get a Suicide Squad sequel. But as you can see it won’t be as early as some have expected due to the constant moving parts that surround the project.

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