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Zack Snyder Challenges Fans To Find References in ‘Batman v Superman’



Where were you when you first saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

I remember when BvS was first announced back in 2013, I was floored. To know that we would be getting another Batman on film, just after the previous year of having Christopher Nolan finish his Batman Trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises, was all I needed to begin my count down to the day Batman V Superman was to be released. And so, March 25th, 2016 arrived, and I distinctly remember sitting in the theater, filled with anticipation along with excitement and just a slight bit of worry from what some in the online world said prior to release. I’m not one to rely on others to form my own opinions on things I fancy, however, the rumblings were noticeable.

When it was over, I walked out of the theater in awe and wonder, piecing together what I just witnessed and realizing I had no time to process a lot of it with midnight approaching and a tired brain. Luckily for me, I pre-ordered tickets for the next night as well. That was when I truly became a changed man while watching film. Never would I have guessed, that BvS would be filled with so many different layers of meaning and hidden motifs that to watch it once, would not do it justice. That was just the beginning.

If you haven’t been able to tell, I am very fond of the film and I, like many others, enjoyed it simply because it asked a lot of questions and left room for interpretation. It also gave us a completely different take on the Dark Knight that we had yet to see on film, as well as obvious exposition for the sake of exposition. I felt that with every line of dialogue, there was more meaning being spoken than just the words themselves. Little did I know that Snyder and Terrio would not only use double or triple entendres, but they also used visual motifs as well. BvS taught me to analyze film like I never thought I could, and I am more than thankful for that.

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The Ultimate Edition was announced, and eventually released, many found several references in the added 30 minutes that added a whole different take on the film. One thing many noticed however, was that no director commentary was featured with the film. Some speculate it was because Justice League started a mere 16 days after BvS was released in theaters. Others postulate with Justice League being a direct follow-up to BvS, spoilers would be in trouble of being let out. With no commentary of what Zack’s intentions were with a lot of the themes and motifs in BvS, fans analyzed the film in-depth, but never had solid facts to back them up. That was, until Zack started being more and more open on Vero, possibly coinciding with celebrating the two-year anniversary of BvS. Since then, he has actively been responding/answering questions some have theorized on or commenting on Easter Eggs some have noticed throughout the film.

A confidant of the Man himself, Fiona Zheng, has brought together the fans who have theorized and debated for the last two years, a “Golden Ticket” competition of sorts. She announced that Snyder will be challenging all that want to take part in a competition, to bring to light a never before discussed or seen theory or motif. The challenge begins April 8th and goes until the 22nd of April. Once you submit your theory via a tweet or picture to Fiona, She will collect all of them in a thread for Snyder, who will then choose the top 3 to discuss in detail about the finds on his Vero page, and feature the lucky fans that garnered his creative genius. Here is the official announcement:

“Batman v Superman REFERENCES fan Trivia Event/Challenge: Zack Snyder loves the DCEU Fandom so we help him set up this Fan Trivia Event/Challange to interact with the fans. Here’s How to join the Challenge/Rules/Data etc. #BvSReferences #ZackSnyder #UnofficialFanEvent”

Since its release, BvS has been widely debated among fans and detractors about its ideas and culture status in the Comic Book Movie genre. It will be exciting to see what the fans come up with as well as finally hear from Snyder directly what was going through his creative mind during the process of making Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I think it’s a brilliant way of interacting with fans of the film, as well as analyzing how much depth is actually in it. It’s great to see fans coming together to celebrate a film that has changed so many and I am excited to see what they all come up with. Happy Hunting.

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