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Zack Snyder Creates ‘Justice League’ T-Shirt For AFSP



Zack Snyder Tshirt Design

The Godfather

In the words of the Don: “Just when I thought I was out, Zack Snyder pulls me back in.” What’s ironic is on our weekly Podcast Episode, I mentioned that Zack may be done giving us anything related to Justice League for a while. He answered my prayer.

On Vero and Twitter, Zack showed his support to a campaign that originated from Mick D. In the campaign, creators are able to come up with their own original T-shirt designs. In addition, a goal is set and people can actively donate to The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and gain an awesome wardrobe.

My contribution to the fan-initiated fundrasing t-shirt campaign. All of the proceeds from this shirt going to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. #afsp

Zack Snyder Showing Support

Zack Snyder Twitter

Thank You, Mick & The Nerd Queens

None of this would have been possible had it not been for Mick & The Nerd Queens with their initiative to raise awareness and contribute to the cause. Firstly, I would like to specifically thank them both and everyone that has helped create these wonderful designs. Secondly, they have already helped with 7 other campaigns which you can check some of them out below. Lastly, We’re lucky as fans that we can all enjoy Zacks legacy and celebrate together in a positive way.

MIck D Vero Post

Mick D Vero Post

The Nerd Queens Twitter

The Nerd Queens Twitter

Mick D Vero Post

Mick D Vero Post

And here is their latest campaign if you wanted to add more designs to your collection.

Mick D Vero

Mick D Vero

The Layers

Now if you don’t know, Zack usually doesn’t just simply post things without deeper meanings.  Moreover, the design features not only all of the League Members’ logos but shows other symbology. And wow, did he. However, one person may have figured it all out already. After that, though, I’ll let you try and decipher what it could mean. On Vero, User Eric M. Blake replied:

Love it! Lois concieves at the farmhous, where she and Clark catch up on lost time after his resurrection. And she’s pregnant througout JL2…and Batman saves her by trading gunfire with Darkseid, sacrificing himself to save the world. And she gives birth at the very end, and Lois and Clark name their baby son…Bruce.

You can see Snyder’s response below:

Zack on Vero

Zack Clapping at the Answer

Well, now we know how Zack Snyder’s 5-part Story Arc would have ended.

To contribute to The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and add to your T-Shirt collection, click here. The goal was to raise $1,000 within a 30-day time frame. As of 3 hours of release, it currently sits at $6,120.

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