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Zack Snyder Announces New Production Company



Just A Matter Of Time I Suppose

Zack & Deborah Snyder have finally unveiled their new Production Company titled ‘The Stone Quarry’. This, along with their new Headquarters being fully realized, is a great time to celebrate. The past DC Films, from Man of Steel up to Aquaman, have all been co-produced by the companies former title Cruel & Unusual Films. The Production company was founded in 2004 when Zack made his directing debut with Dawn Of The Dead. Looking at his first film, compared to his most recent, Batman v Superman, you might be able to understand why the new name fits.

The maturation to which Zack has gone through in creating cinematic experiences has grown exponentially, from my view. I can recognize Cruel & Unusual might have held a sophomoric branding for the 38-year-old. But The Stone Quarry is what Zack has established over his 7 Featured Films and 1 Short Film. Building the foundation for the filmmaker to hone in his skills. Have you felt it?

Start of Construction The Stone Quarry

What Does This Mean For The Future DC Films?

Well, to be frank, Cruel & Unusual was still the production company for Wonder Woman 1984. And with the new name change, theoretically, this will be the first film released under The Stone Quarry company. Zack & Deborah are both Producers this time around. And yes, for those wondering, Geoff Johns is an Executive Producer.

But let’s think about that for a moment. We know Wonder Woman 1984 got pushed back 7 months and we know it won’t be a VFX heavy film like Aquaman was. Tin-foil hat theory makes sense with a many of thoughts considering how much Patty and Zack respect each other. And with Harley getting her film going this month, I’m curious if The Stone Quarry will be a co-production company for that as well. David Ayer and Zack were close while working on Suicide Squad with Zack even filming the Flash and Boomerang scene for him. I’m sure Margot and crew would love to have their expertise involved. Who knows, maybe this allows Zack to work behind the curtains to help guide future films?

Zacks New Office

What This Means For Zack

The one thing I’ve been adamant about for DC, is letting the directors have their creative freedom. What happened to Justice League still haunts me. But I’m of the belief that almost anything that happens in life, there’s a lesson to be learned. And for Zack, that lesson was not allowing his decisions be questioned because of a committee trying to make lunch boxes and toys. So I think he had an epiphany. Because of the stipulations of his office being on the Warner Bros. lot and his first-look deal being used as a proverbial carrot, he was stuck.

Now, the confines that once held him down to second guess his decisions are removed. We’re about to enter into a new era of cinematic achievement. Think of Quentin Tarantino with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. These two directors have created such influential films yet, one had to appease a studio, while the other didn’t. Zack now has a production company to not only make any film, but television and animation. He can use the company to not only produce his own films, but also distribute if he so chooses. Did I mention he has his own Theatre?

The Stone Quarry Theatre Construction

The Stone Quarry

Knowing Zack uses symbolism and visual thematics to accomplish the stories he wants to convey, the name makes perfect sense. Not only does it have a tie to The Fountainhead, but it also makes it known that the company will be the foundation of everything he creates. He’s truly built something from the feet up. With the New Year, they’re creating a new identity. So much so was said for the announcement:

“After 14 amazing years making groundbreaking entertainment under the Cruel & Unusual Films moniker, we’re excited to unveil our new company identity as we move into 2019 and beyond. Although Cruel & Unusual Films will always be a proud part of our legacy, our new and exciting future creative endeavors will be mined, chiseled and honed in The Stone Quarry. A sacred creative space that has been four years in the making.”

The Stone Quarry Logo

I, for one, cannot wait until we get more information on the production that will come from Zack and Deborah. I’ve actually been a DC fan since I was born, back in ’86. I was indoctrinated to the genius that was Zack Snyder back in 2007 with 300. The two were always separate, until, of course, Man of SteelThat film changed how I viewed Superman. And now that Zack appears to be finished with his time creating DC Films, I’m happy for him.

The Stone Quarry

What’s Next?

Who knows, maybe Chris Wong had the right idea. Zack could do what Alan Moore did with Watchmen, only in film form. By that I mean create his own characters based off certain characters and we actually see his 5-story part in film after all. And the version of his Justice League film could outperform Warner Bros. own film. Wouldn’t that be something? Or maybe Zack is done with ‘Cape-shit’ after all.

Was The Fountainhead an allegorical reference after all? Or was it truly his next passion project to be created into a film or television series? No one knows for sure but him. So whether The Last Photograph starts production or an entirely new film starts: For Zack, I’ll be there to support him and anything The Stone Quarry creates. Will you?

The Stone Quarry Headquarters


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